Website design and Maintenance

Sac Media have years of experience in working with graphic, web designing and development combinations, building from the ground up and maintaining graphical and web based projects, as well as in client and server side scripting and programming languages, and back-end development. When it comes to web development, we have vast knowledge and skills, from which to name a few, PHP, MySQL, (X/D)HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax (jQuery, Prototype,, and other libraries), and most recently Python. On the counter partner…

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Sales and marketing come down to one thing: Psychology.

The reader needs to feel that whatever it is you offer, it’s the perfect solution for their problem. Get this right, and the sale is closed. To achieve this, a copywriter needs to really understand the buyer – he has to be able to get into their minds. For that, you need a few things: In-depth understanding of psychology and persuasion Tons of research The skills and savvy to write persuasive copy Together, these are the foundation of conversions. Investing…

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SacMedia PTY LTD is geared towards online businesses and agencies. We help you sell your product by showcasing its features in an elegant and professional design.